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CLUB 100

Club 100

Setting up a regular monthly standing order, changes lives its that simple. Giving a regular amount is one of the best ways you can help animals in need.

You can help neglected animals recover, we rescue animals from some awful situations, some have been abused or

neglected to the point some have never had human contact or very little.

It can take weeks, months or even years for these animals to recover, and prepare them for a new home. your donation funds expert rehabilitation for the animals in our care.

By giving a monthly donation you'll be giving the gift of life, by funding life saving veterinary treatment, shelter and safety, food and treats plus expert rehabilitation and the loving care that they all deserve. Something they may never have had before, and by giving a regular donation ensure they have it.

But we can only do this with your help.

We are looking for 100 people like you to set up a regular monthly standing order, for a minimum £5 a month, that's the cost of 2 coffees, could you give up 2 coffees a month ?

to help those animals most at need.

you can donate any amount £5 and over , the more donated each month means more animals saved and cared for .

our bank details are :

Lloyds Bank 

Bruno's animal haven



Please put Club 100 as a reference 

With your help we can help more animals like those below.


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