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At Bruno's animal haven we are a small charity, but we are committed and passionate about saving the lives of the most needy.

Bruno's as a charity was born in 2017.

But the founder started rescuing animals much earlier than this as a youngster saving small animals like rabbits , cats and ducks.

In 2000 she officially started a rescue which later became  a charity and changed its name to Bruno's Animal Haven.

Now with a small but dedicated team we are passionate about saving the lives of dogs in the pound, these are stray dogs that are picked up by the local authorities and are given 7 days before they may be 

put to sleep if no rescue space available.

We are currently going through a major crisis in rescue, where most rescues are over flowing with dogs. There is not enough space for all of these pound dogs and the sad and awful reality is thousands die each year due to lack of space and no where for them to go. 

Join Our Mission and Make a Difference Today
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